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Rutilated Quartz (also called Mohe Najaf) is a unique gem variety from the Quartz mineral family which is prized for its visible, hair-like rutile inclusions in golden, copper red, silver, brown, green or black color. These inclusions are present within the crystal in beautiful patterns that amplify the inner radiance and beauty of this wonderful gemstone. It is majorly worn for healing and jewelry purposes.


Lemon Quartz, (also known as Lemon Citrine, Lemon Topaz, Green Gold, and even Oro Verde Quartz) is a gemstone formed by heating Amethyst, Yellow Quartz and Iron together at very excessive temperatures. It is believed to aid in the building, concentration, and magnification of one’s thoughts and knowledge.


Rose Quartz is a very light pink to medium-dark pink colored gemstone valued for its healing properties. Known as the Love Stone, it encourages unconditional love and tends to soothe one’s mind and body.

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