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I am a Professional Intuitive & Lightworker providing deep, detailed & insightful psychic tarot readings that leave you with a sense of understanding, clarity & guidance in navigating your present & future.


Welcome! Get to know about your soul mate, or maybe even meet them Life cannot be more satisfying than spending time with your soul mate, a person who has a burning desire of love similar to yours. Everyone has a flame burning inside of them and that is what connects you to your soul mate.


If you are in for a one-on-one experience, live readings are for you! Select the desired length that you desire to book, your availability for the next 5 days and time-zone and we will set up a date and time at our earliest convenience!


A Powerfull Reading about your Relationship. In this GIG I provide you with a brief reading analisis for your relationship, using some elements of numerology and the energy reading. Also, you will learn if there is a destiny in your union, if you will share a future life, if you have a Karmic connection, about your strengths and weaknesses. 


I will do a psychic reading on your money and career goals.In a career/money reading, I look at what is working and not working in your career or finances, and what your spiritual goals may be. I see certain skills, aptitudes, or challenges that are along your path. I can also read the energy of tough decisions, such as deciding between jobs. 

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